National Media Questions Organized Dentistry’s Push Against Dental Therapy

With all published research supporting dental therapy as a safe, effective way to increase access to quality dental care, more news organizations are questioning why organized dentistry is pushing back. NPR recently ran a 3-minute news story and a 9-minute podcast about dental therapy. Both are absolutely worth a listen and feature Dr. Jane Grover- spokesperson for the American Dental Association- […]

Florida’s Dental Crisis Deepens with over 7 Million Living in Shortage Areas

Florida is the worst state in the nation for dental access and the crisis is continuing to deepen, according to recently released data by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).  Sixty five of Florida’s 67 counties are now designated in full or in part as a Dental Health Professional Shortage Area, defined as exceeding […]

Floridians Share Disturbing Stories of Pain and Suffering

“I have only 10 teeth left. They are all on my bottom jaw; they are broken at or near the gum line and completely rotted,” said Shawn S. from Brevard County. “I get infections at least once a month so I am constantly on antibiotics. Dentists want $2500 to pull them which I can’t afford. […]