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In the news

In the news

Access to Dental Care 

Can Dental Therapists Fill the Gap in Oral Healthcare? (NPR)

Florida is dead last in children’s ability to access dental care (Decisions in Dentistry)

More Florida children get treated in ERs for tooth problems than anywhere else (Sun-Sentinel)

Florida’s dental deserts leave millions without access to care (Tampa Bay Times)

Report: Cavities, Abcesses and Dental Decay are Driving Florida Children to Emergency Rooms (Florida Politics)

Lack of access: Nearly six million Floridians not smiling (Florida Times Union)

Nearly half of US adults over 30 have oral disease (New York Times)

Ocala residents discuss quality of dental care (

More residents weigh in on dental care in Ocala/Marion County (

Ocala resident voices concerns on high cost of dental care   (Ocala

Florida’s lack of dental care hurts low-income and rural residents (Florida Phoenix)

Kidnapping in Mexico draws attention to medical tourism industry (New York Times)

Poor oral health is an untreated crisis, Say Dental Access Advocates (Orlando Weekly)

41% of Americans have medical or dental debt (

Anti-racism in dental public health: engaging science, education, policy and practice (Journal of Public Health Dentistry)

Workforce Shortages

The many costs of poor oral health (UI Health)

Shortage of dental assistants pushing states to make policy changes (ABC News)

Dental hygienist shortage Has dentist offices struggling to schedule patients (NPR)

Untreated Crisis: A shortage of dental professionals puts six million Floridians at risk (Apopka Voice)

Oral Health: Florida’s untreated public health crisis (American Children’s Campaign Top Story)

Importance of Oral Health

Oral Systemic Connection Across Lifespan (CareQuest)

The value of good teeth (NPR)

How oral health affects your overall health (Cleveland Clinic)

Dental health linked to overall health (The Daily Item)

Importance of dental care for children (Dentistry Today)

Oral hygienist highlights dangers of oral disease in children (Public News Service)

Six ways oral health affects your quality of life (Health Shots)

Oral health pandemic: why it’s vital to protect against oral diseases (Health News)