What We Do

What We Do

Floridians for Dental Access is the state’s leading coalition of supporters working to analyze local, state and national oral health data,  elevate voices of citizens most affected by lack of dental access, and discover and promote participation in short-term and longer-term solutions that will make a difference.

We do this by bringing together individuals and groups to share ideas, knowledge, experiences and expertise that can be adapted to meeting state and local oral health needs and advocating for responsible, evidence-based solutions and workforce practices in modern dentistry and dental hygiene

Debunking Top Myths About Florida’s Oral Health

If you hear something often enough it starts to feel like fact. The trouble is, there is a lot of misinformation about the state of oral health in Florida and the best ways to solve Florida’s oral health crisis. By doing research, we’ve discovered that some common misconceptions are not based in fact and are actually so close to the myth end of the spectrum that we can confidently declare them as myths.

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Floridians for Dental Access work upholds the value that overall physical health is intricately linked to oral health. But convenient access of affordable dental care is out of reach for millions of Floridians in their communities. You can be part of the solution. Join the movement to increase oral health equity for all.